The information below shows the Governance structure of the St Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust and how the Board of Directors, Local Governing Bodies and Headteacher Committee relate to each other.

Meeting dates are published on our annual Calendar.

Our CMAT Governance is comprised of the following structure:

  1. Members: Diocesan Trustees Academies Committee
  2. Trustees: Board of Directors for St Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust
  3.  Local Governing Bodies for each Catholic Voluntary Academy within the Trust.

Members: Diocesan Trustees Academy Committee

The Members of the Academy Trust are the equivalent of the shareholders in a commercial company (save that they do not receive dividends).  In simple terms the Members “own” the Academy Trust.  They have a number of statutory rights and rights set out in the Academy Trust’s Articles of Association (the Articles).   The Members do not have any specific duties imposed on them by the Companies Act 2006 (the Act) but they are asked to provide a ‘guarantee’ such that if the Academy Trust were to be wound up and the assets did not meet all of its liabilities, they would be asked to contribute £10.  Members’ business is conducted at Members’ meetings (which are ‘General Meetings’), or by written resolution.

The Members of the Catholic Academy Trust are appointed by the Catholic Diocese of Salford under the direction of The Bishop of Salford.

The function of the members is to maintain and defend the Roman Catholic nature of the CMAT. They are accountable for the CMAT to the Diocese of Salford.

Members have at their disposal the structures and personnel in place within the diocesan organisation with expertise in school leadership, HR, finance, premises and buildings, safeguarding, Health & Safety and community engagement.

Diocesan Trustees Academy Committee Members:

  • The Right Reverend John Stanley Kenneth Arnold – Bishop of Salford: Overall authority and responsibility for all 208 Catholic schools, colleges & academies in the Diocese of Salford. (Term of Office began: 07/07/2017)
  • Rev Canon Michael Cooke VG – Vicar General: Diocesan Trustee & Chair of the Trustees Schools’ Committee and the Diocesan Trustees Academy Committee (DTAC). (Term of Office began: 07/07/2017)
  • Rev Canon Antony McBride – Episcopal Vicar for Education (Emeritus):  Many years experience of overseeing education provision in the Diocese of Salford. (Term of Office began: 07/07/2017)
  • Mr Simon Smith BA MA LRAM NPQH– Diocesan Director of Education / Episcopal Delegate for Education: Leads a team of Education officers and consultants, having oversight and responsibility for supporting & challenging all aspects of school provision in line with Diocesan policy. (Term of Office began: 01/02/2018)
  • Mrs Mary Hunter – Lay member: Recently retired Principal of a successful, large, Catholic 6th Form College in Manchester; National profile in college accountability and performance. (Term of Office began: 01/09/2017)

Trustees: Board of Directors

The CMAT’s Board of Directors are from a diverse range of backgrounds; each one has a different type of expertise to offer. They all have one thing in common: a commitment to an exceptional education where tradition is respected and innovation is encouraged.

The Board meets regularly and has a recently revised structure of three core committees.

  • CC1: Finance, Audit, Resources and Premises
  • CC2: Strategy, People and Organisational Development
  • CC3: Quality Provision and Performance

The Board of Directors (click for profiles):

Any Business or Pecuniary interests declared by the Board are listed here.

Previous Directors include:

Mrs Monica Walczak (Ex Officio) Term of office: 1/10/2017 – 31/08/2019

Mr Andrew Hutchison (Term of Office: 01.07.2017 – 30.06.2021) Resigned 10 Jan 2020.

Mr John Brendan Larkin McManus (Foundation) Term of office: 7/07/2017 – 1/7/2018

Local Governing Bodies

Each Catholic Voluntary Academy has it’s own Local Governing Body. You can find out more through the following links:

The Board of Directors delegate local responsibilities to the Local Governing Bodies including day to day operational matters such as Catholic Life, health and safety, staffing appointments (everything other than the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher and in the case of Secondary provision, the Head of RE and Chaplain), developing the unique identity, local community and traditions for the school.

Headteacher Committee

Headteachers know their schools well, and it is through their strategic involvement that the CMAT and its individual Catholic Voluntary Academies are enabled to flourish.

This Committee, acting as a reference group for development within the CMAT and chaired by one of the committee members, is made up of  the CSEL and Headteachers of schools currently in the St Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Academy Trust, and those in the process of conversion. The group reports to the Board of Directors.

  • Martin Johnson (Interim CSEL)
  • Monica Walczak (Interim CCOO)
  • Donna Malcolm (Headteacher, Alice Ingham, Rochdale)
  • Lisa Corrigan (Headteacher, St Gabriel’s, Bury)
  • Kelly Watson (Headteacher, St Gregory’s, Farnworth, Bolton)
  • Marie Gavin (Headteacher, Our Lady & St Paul’s, Heywood, Rochdale)
  • Chris Foley (Headteacher, St Monica’s, Prestwich, Bury) 
  • Kathryn Bishop (Headteacher, St Patrick’s, Rochdale)