Joining our Trust

If you are a Diocese of Salford school located in Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Salford or Wigan areas, and are interested in finding out more, please contact us. We would be more than happy to visit your school Governing Board meeting to further discuss the opportunities involved in becoming part of the St Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust.

Application for Diocesan Approval to join St Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust

The timeline below summarises the key steps in applying for academy conversion. The chart provides an overview of the process for an individual school but governors are reminded that Diocesan schools will, in most cases, convert to become a member of a Diocesan MAT.

Additional guidance on the process is available through the Diocesan Department for Education.

School Governing Board resolves to consider academy status and inform the Diocese of its intention to consult.

Informs the Diocesan Department for Education (DDfE) using APPLICATION FOR TRUSTEES’ CONDITIONAL CONSENT STAGE 1 ¹

Sets up Working Party consisting of people holding a variety of views ²

Governing Board working party considers:

  • what it means to be a Catholic Voluntary Academy and plans for upholding the school’s distinctive Catholic nature;
  • the academy conversion process using the document “Questionnaire for diocesan schools considering converting to Academy status” 2

Support is available from the DDfE and the Diocesean legal advisors on academies, Browne Jacobson.

If Governing Board approved:

Governing Board initiates consultation involving:

  • Parents and carers
  • Pupils
  • Staff (addressing TUPE, pay and conditions, pensions, career progression)
  • Clergy and community members
  • Local schools (including parents/carers of pupils offered a place for next academic year (primary school consultation) or in Y5 or Y6 in primary schools (secondary school consultation)
  • Local Authority
  • St Teresa of Calcutta Roman Catholic Multi Academy Trust – the CMAT you are proposing to join

(Consultation guidance is available on the Diocesan website)

School Governing Board or Working Party considers responses and reviews from consultation.

School Governing Board resolves to continue investigating and make formal application for conditional consent to convert from Diocesan Trustees and submits:


Diocesan Trustees:

  • Consider application
  • Give conditional consent

School Governing Board:

  • Submits application form to convert to DfE for Academy Order enclosing copy of Trustees’ approval;
  • Commences TUPE process and legal process.

Secretary of State:

  • Approves school proposal and issues Academy Order.

School Governing Board:

  • Submits grant claim to DfE and receives £25,000 grant to cover costs;
  • Develops legal documents with DDfE and Browne Jacobson using CES and Diocesan models.


  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Articles
  • Funding Agreement
  • Supplemental Agreement

School Governing Board (with advice from DDfE and Browne Jacobson):

  • Formalise land issues with Trustees and LA;
  • Complete the TUPE process;
  • Submit legal documents to Secretary of State for approval.

School Governing Board considers all final documents and resolves to become an academy.

Progress to opening as an Academy:

Following Trustees’ final approval and approval by Secretary of State.